MVP SRTS Demo V-01

Took me a couple of days to write this. I had to learn and use ECS and AR foundations. This is just to get familiar with the technology. Since ECS is still in development I will not be taking this project to far. I would love to add “NetCode” to project but, that too is under development by Unity and, is not very stable.

Either way it feels good writing some code again for this project. This was a complete rewrite of the code due to the new DOTS stack.

I’ll practice with the DOTS tech stack some more ( A lot more ) . Play with AR Foundations, as more advancements comes out. Lastly, try to get NetCode to work with the project, to make this multiplayer from the get-go.

Hopefully, when we are done with our current project we can focus on this next. Unfortunately, this is still not the priority and is still sitting on the back burner.


This is an old project that I worked on in 2018 for a few months before my team assembled.

My first attempt but, not the end of work on the MVP. God willing, we will get back to working on it. We are going to be updating the designs, mechanics, and code.