Baby’s First App


Baby’s First App is the first mobile app of its kind designed specifically for children aged 5 & under. This new children’s app offers exciting, engaging, and interactive educational games that help to keep your child interested in every step of the way! Along with language development, our educational games are designed to teach your toddler every component of the English alphabet, as well as numbers, colours, shapes, and so much more!

Baby’s First App is a perfect way to keep your toddler busy throughout the day while ensuring that they gain access to the education that they deserve at a young age. There’s a reason for why toddlers crave such stimulation – it’s because these young ages are the perfect time for them to begin acquiring knowledge!

Through the help of exciting and interesting sounds, along with bright, vibrant, and engaging visuals, your child will learn alongside the characters of Baby’s First App and will be guided through each lesson every step of the way. As the first of its kind mobile app available on the Google Play store, your child can play anytime and anywhere.

For a virtual learning environment like never before, choose Baby’s First App! Take a look at all of our exciting features down below.

Children Can Explore New Places

Your child has already been exposed to the visual world, but they haven’t seen the virtual world just yet! Baby’s First App helps to get your child’s creative mind working and their imagination flowing. From there, they can learn and imagine all at the same time.

An Ad-Free Experience

Most apps for babies are clouded with advertisements, popups, and forced video breaks. Baby’s First App is entirely add-free to ensure that you and your child’s experience is 100% seamless and uninterrupted with every use.

Simple To Use & Easy To Understand

When you’re looking for the right mobile app for your child, you want something that’s easy for them to use and simple enough for them to understand – Baby’s First App is both! Designed for ages 5 & under, our app is user-intuitive and responsive, making every experience enjoyable.

  • Fun & Educational
  • Colourful, Vibrant, & Animated
  • Engaging Audio & Sound Effects
  • Letter, Shape & Number Recognition Lessons

Download Baby’s First App Today!

If you’re ready to give your child access to the education that they deserve, download Baby’s First App today! Proudly claim that Baby’s First App is what got your child more in tune with letters, numbers, shapes, and colours at an early age, so that by the time they begin school, they’re already one step ahead of their peers.

When you’re ready to give Baby’s First App a shot, all you have to do is click download and install! And don’t forget, after your child has completed their first lesson, ask them about their experience! From there, leave us some feedback and some suggestions to help us further develop our children’s app.

We look forward to hearing all about you and your child’s experience!

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