Asad Chaudhry




Asad Chaudhry is an experienced and driven programming and video game development professional with a passion, dedication, and level of innovation that far surpasses those of his contemporaries. Today, Asad works to develop exciting and engaging video games at Button Down Studio, where he and his team are striving to create new entertainment software for all of today’s leading platforms and systems, including mobile, virtual reality, PC, and consoles.

As someone who lives and breathes computer programming, Asad works to increase his knowledge of programming practice, as well as his understanding of how programming can be leveraged to create immersive and exciting worlds for users and players to discover, traverse, and lose themselves in. With an extensive expertise in modern programming, Asad is proud to work towards developing the video games and entertainment software of tomorrow, today.

Asad grew up in a world in which video games were still evolving. He frequently would find himself playing whatever rudimentary games were available at the time, as well as enjoying the tabletop game of Dungeons and Dragons. To this day, Asad is still amazed by the worlds that these authors and designers have created. For him, he sees tremendous value in this type of creativity. And each and every day at Button Down Studios, Asad works to challenge himself, challenge his understanding of programming, and create worlds that are more immersive, storylines that are more engaging, and user-experiences that are more enjoyable.

Most importantly, Asad considers himself a perpetual learner. For him, nothing is more important than ensuring that he learns new materials, makes a new perspective, or furthers his knowledge on a daily basis. When he sees new materials, his first goal is to develop and understanding of it, regardless of how challenging, complex, or daunting it may be. From there, he works to patiently synthesize new information and let it sink in before constructing his own opinion.

No doubt a thoughtful and conscious leader in the programming field, Asad is proud to help move the world forward and become a more influential voice in furthering the position of women in the Pakistani workplace. As a proud supporter of @GirlsMakeGames, @WomenInTechPK, @CodeGirlsKhi, and @pwic_org, he hopes to instill a belief in all women, including his own daughter, that they have the same opportunities that he has to succeed in the tech world. Because when it comes to video games, the world we create is our own.

“Button Down Studio has been my greatest passion in life, of course after being a father. My goal is to show my daughter that she too can find her passion in life, be it in the tech world, media, creative fields, or anywhere else she sees fit.”

– Asad Chaudhry


Jawad Ahmad


Jawad Ahmad is a seasoned and dedicated programming and entertainment software development currently working with Button Down Studio. As a programmer and developer of proprietary entertainment software, Jawad is a skilled and passionate storyteller who understands how to leverage the complexity of modern technology to create immersive environments, intriguing storylines, and engaging gameplay for users across platforms and systems.

Today, Jawad is highly focused on developing video games and entertainment software for mobile devices, virtual reality platforms, desktop entertainment systems, and consoles. With an intense focus and specialization on image processing and computer vision, Jawad is primarily interested in understanding the ways in which we can enhance images, so that users can fully immerse themselves in the video games that he creates.

Since 2015, Jawad has spent time working to hone his skills and develop his abilities as a skilled algorithm developer, programmer, and video game designer. For him, leveraging the power of technology and computer programming to help solves problems creates a new solution for the world to adopt, one that doesn’t have to be limited to entertainment software and digital uses. For Jawad, he sees himself as a problem solver.

Ever since he first began to explore algorithm development, computer programming, and game design, Jawad was always a passionate problem solver. For him, nothing is more important than believing in the philosophy that every problem has a solution; the goal is to find that solution by whatever means necessary. As someone who enjoys the challenge of solving problems, overcoming obstacles, and hurdling over challenges, Jawad has found himself in the perfect career in which he can work to solve complex digital conundrums through his passion.

Each and every day, Jawad works to bring passionate and thoughtful leadership to his work at Button Down Studio and he looks forward to solving today’s problems to make the video games and entertainment software of tomorrow more immersive, more engaging, and more enjoyable.

“For me, it is always important to recognize that a solution always exists. It is simply our job to use the tools that we have available to identify that solution, and then work towards achieving it. After all, that’s the joy of work, right?”

– Jawad Ahmad



Sufyan Raza



Sufyan Raza is a dedicated, tested, and proven designer and developer of video games and entertainment software with Button Down Studio. As an experienced video game and entertainment software designer and developer, Sufyan is passionate and energized by the work that he does at Button Down Studio, More particularly, he consistently finds himself lost in the process of 3D modeling and animation, as he works to develop the most exciting and engaging features that video games have to offer.

Specializing in 2D and 3D game design and development, Sufyan is an expert at his craft. He works to create the animations that help to truly bring video games to life for the millions of cross-platform users who love nothing more than to immerse themselves in a world foreign to them; one where the outcome is determined by them, and one where they can lose themselves in their own imaginations.

Drawing inspiration from movies, older retro video games, and the process of animation in general, Sufyan is never one to shy away from a challenge. Furthermore, Sufyan brings a dedicated approach towards ensuring that the animations and 3D worlds that he creates pay homage to those who came before him, but are also unique and proprietary all on their own. Whether it be in 2D and 3D game design and development, 3D modeling and animation, or working with the latest GFX drivers to truly bring his games to life, Sufyan is interested in solving problems and developing his own style.

Today, Sufyan finds himself energized by everything that modern technology has to offer the video game and entertainment software industry. Nothing piques his interest more than the latest graphics cards, game engines, and hardware capabilities because he knows that by leveraging these technologies, he can create more detailed worlds than ever before.

In his free time, Sufyan can be found further studying his field, honing his skills, and developing his capacity for creation. As a talented, driven, and flexible game designer and developer, he is proud to showcase his proven ability to develop projects through from inception, to production, and to the final step of that first user loading his creation for the very first time on their system.

“For me, the end-result is always exciting. Just knowing that someone is actually getting hours of enjoyment out of something that I first conceived of in my imagination is truly the most rewarding thing a game developer could ever ask for.”

– Sufyan Raza