Baby’s First App

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Created in 2018, Button Down Studios is a premier digital entertainment company, specializing in digital content, apps, and games. Leveraging the power of innovation and technology, we make digital experiences better.




Why Button Down Studios


As the leading digital entertainment company, our efforts are focused on creating engaging and appealing apps and games that help communities thrive. What helps us stand from the competition isn’t just our technical know-how and creative mindset: we leverage the resources of a big company with the attention to detail of a boutique digital content business to bring users’ digital experiences to the next level.

Our commitment to quality shows in everything we do. We aspire to create one-of-a-kind digital content that inspires and empowers our customers by placing ingenuity, authenticity, and quality at the center of our professional approach.


Baby’s First App

Make learning fun with the ultimate educational app for toddlers


At Button Down Studios we recognize the value of learning and self-improvement and we are delighted to announce the launch of the Baby’s First App. Designed specifically for toddlers, it offers intuitive navigation with clever animation and appealing graphics to make mastering the English alphabet, numbers, sizes, and shapes easy, fun and rewarding for your little ones.

And because we believe in better our community, the Baby’s First App is completely free of charge!


Excited to see what else we have in store? At Button Down Studios, we are always looking ahead towards our next big project. We are currently working on a mobile app for the 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons Character Sheet Management, as well as a virtual reality strategy game and a webcomic series related to it.

Stay tuned for the latest developments!